The Kettlebell Workout to Lighten Your Burdens

Today is the Feast Day of St. Boniface. A true follower in the Christian Church and a staunch supporter of the papacy, Boniface spent much of his life trying to fix the brokenness of the Church in Germany that had already settled in over thirteen hundred years ago. Truly, it’s amazing that after just a few hundred years, early Christians were already going off the rails, plunging back into paganism or just being plain wrong about the doctrines.

Although, as a reader of the Scripture that isn’t that hard to believe. The Old Testament is basically just one story after another of humans’ willful negligence of the Lord (thank God, literally, it’s also chock full of His mercy and love). And as a mother, this rings true as well – what madness can ensue when you just go to the bathroom for five minutes! Like, really, y’all decide it’s a good idea to flood the kitchen with cake pans full of water, play dough and bottles of dried herbs from the spice cabinet to make magic potions?? I couldn’t make that much of a mess in a week even if I tried.

St. Boniface worked tirelessly for years trying to fix what was good at the start and what fell to pieces in the hands of wayward humans. At times, his efforts probably felt fruitless (again as a mom, I can relate), but look at the good! Catholicism was reasserted across Germany! The immorality and hedonism of the pagan religions didn’t win all!

Let us trust in Him, who has placed this burden upon us.  What we ourselves cannot bear, let us bear with the help of Christ.  For He is all-powerful and He tells us: “My yoke is easy and my burden light.” – St. Boniface

So today’s workout is in honor of St. Boniface. He was determined and tireless, and I take heart in his story as today I need all the determination and grit I can get (yep, it’s one of those days).


Let’s work out!

June 4th – For St. Boniface

A1: Kettlebell swings x 10 reps
A2: Goblet squats x 8 reps
A3: Plank x 60 seconds
A4: Push-ups x 4 reps
A5:  Turkish get-up x 2 reps (1/side)

Do 4 rounds.


Don’t know the movements used in this workout, want some technique reference? Then check out my husband’s YouTube channel. He’s got loads of super helpful kettlebell and bodyweight videos (and there are some old workout videos of mine on there, too!) 

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