Striking Down Idleness – Workout Dedicated to St. Sophie

Today’s workout is in honor of Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat who loved learning and dedicated her life to educating the poor, as well as the affluent in her Sacred Heart schools and academies. Despite growing up during France’s Reign of Terror, she persevered. We celebrate her feast day on May 29th.

“Nothing blocks the spirit of God as much as a life of idleness.” – St. Sophie

So I am not idle. My alarm rang at 4:45am. I spent an hour in my Scriptural studies and praying the rosary. I read my children books, cooked them two (yes two!) breakfasts because Lola hopped up and ate their first meal when no one was looking, went to mass and then got to physical work – kettlebells and cardio.

Ready to strengthen the soul? Let’s get started!

Striking Down Idleness – May 29th

A: 1 mile run as quickly as possible

B1: 20 goblet squats
B2: 10 reverse lunges/leg
B3: 15 seconds jump squats
B4: 60 seconds plank

Repeat 3 times.

C1: Heavy Kettlebell swings x 20 seconds
C2: mountain climbers x 20 seconds

Repeat 4 times

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