EP 39: The (Alleged) Miracle of Fulton Sheen with Bonnie Engstrom

In reading the Bible, we can see the workings of God in the lives of these ancient peoples. He performs miracles, He saves, He is merciful and just. But does He still work those miracles? Does He still save us? Sometimes, that can be hard to see in our modern world.

I recently got to spend some time talking with Bonnie Engstrom, a Catholic wife and mother, writer and speaker, to discuss how intimately and miraculously God answered her prayers to save her son nearly nine years ago.

The entire episode has served as a great reminder that God is among us, He cares about us, and while most often, He might touch us in small and quiet ways, in some instances He moves in our lives in big, bold gestures. He saves us or, as in the case of Bonnie and her family, He saves the ones we love most.

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Find Bonnie on her website AKnottedLife.com and on Instagram.

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