EP 233: Back from Hiatus and Where to Find The Catholic Mama

I’m back behind the microphone for The Catholic Mama podcast. I took an unintended hiatus from podcasting and social media right before our youngest was born in July. It’s great to be podcasting again! 

After posting about on Instagram, looking for podcasting topics, a ton of awesome ideas were submitted. For the first episode back, I took a “soft ball” topic: What did I learn from my time off social media. 

One main thing is my anxiety levels plummeted noticeably. Rather than anticipating the imminent demise of the human race, I’ve continued to be prudent in preparing for rainy days but have done so with a more joyful mindset. The world certainly didn’t become less crazy but my heart and mind sure did!

Something that didn’t get fixed? I still kept looking at my phone in boredom.  I just found different ways to occupy my free time. I could have done -still could still do – a better job being more intentional about how I spent those few few moments. 

I’ll be posting mostly to Substack and Instagram going forward. So to access the full write up about this latest episode and listen to the podcast, please go to: https://thecatholicmama.substack.com/ or connect with me on Instagram @thecatholicmama. Hope to see you there!

Pax Christi,


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