Hollywood Getting It Right: 2018 Movies Actually Worth Seeing as a Catholic Christian

If someone were to tell me earlier this year that Mission Impossible: Fallout was going to be one of my favorite movies that I’d see in the coming 12 months, I certainly would have laughed. I’m not a huge Tom Cruise fan (I have a hard time separating personal and public life), but I do think the MI movies are fun. But not, like, a top favorite movie of 2018 kind of fun.

Yet here we are.

Over-the-top? Absolutely. But it came with it a great villain, solid character development, and the entire world hung in the balance.

Another movie that grabbed my attention this year? Avengers: Infinity War. It lived up to the hype and dang it, if I can’t help but appreciate and enjoy Christian Chris Pratt more and more with each God-honoring speech he gives to the secular and religiously-reluctant Tinsel Town. I mean, how can you not love this guy right now?

These two movies had two main things in common:

  1. A great villain. Consistent, evil, and compelling. Villains make the story, folks. Ya need good ones.
  2. Objective morality. There’s no bartering for lives in these movies. Goodness prevails (or at least attempts to).

Objective morality, which brings forth the concepts of good and evil, is under assault in the 21st Century. Everyone has their own truths, and the PC culture tries to force us into agreeing that to self-identify as a non-binary vegetarian crocodile is A-OK and must be accepted for fear of being publicly humiliated and slandered as a bigot. Oh what happy times we live in!

But to have Hollywood actually promote objective truth – that is there there IS good and evil, that there is truth-ONE truth that can be known and defended and should be known and defended at all costs…well that’s a bit shocking, since many of the movies coming out nowadays push a very different agenda and narrative (you can tell who the culprits are by looking at the critics v. audience ratings of movies. If critics love it but the audience was lukewarm, it’s probably one of those agenda-pushers).

Since my husband Pat came with me to see all these movies this year, I asked him to join me on The Catholic Mama podcast to rehash the 2018 movie scene, praise the Christian morality present in some of the movies, and also bash one particular movie that Pat unapologetically gave a 1 out of 10 rating on.

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