EP 88: Why “Crunchy” Motherhood and Catholicism Are Totally Compatible with Mariette Rintoul

Go into any health food store and the chances of being presented reiki, chakras, and new age living next to the organic broccoli and natural diaper ointment is pretty high, and it would seem that living a green “crunchy” lifestyle requires a commitment to a spiritual but not religious belief system. But is that true? Can someone be a crunchy, homemade cleaning supplies making, cloth diapering, organic produce consuming…Catholic?

In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, I got to chat with Mariette Rintoul, the devout Catholic wife and mother of TheNaturalCatholicMom.com, about natural living and how very compatible it is with our faith. From ideas on how to get started with the crunchy mom lifestyle to how to be successful with cloth diapering, we cover a lot of ground in this episode and show how the new age discipline can’t claim total ownership of healthy natural living.

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=>Also, Mariette mentioned two helpful resources from her website including:

And be sure to connect to Mariette try on her website TheNaturalCatholicMom.com and on Instagram @TheNaturalCatholicMom.

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