EP 209: A Holistic Approach to Modern Womanhood with Dr. Cait

From the years spent in the spiritual woo-woo land of New Age, I had come to associate almost anything dubbed “natural” or “holistic” as belonging to the realm of the spiritually confused. But neither of these terms – or necessarily, the subsequent methods or practices (within reason -> no smudging or reiki ok??) – are off limits for the faithful Catholic, and indeed ought to be claimed by them!

A while back, I spoke with Mariette Rintoul of The Natural Catholic Mom on taking back “natural from the New Age. And in this episode, EP 209 of The Catholic Mama podcast, I got to sit down with Dr. Cait of Womanly Made to bring a Catholic understanding of our spirit-body composite to the term “holistic.”

As complex rational and spiritual animals, God had given us bodies, minds, and souls that need to be considered together, or holistically. Dr. Cait focuses on the body while also keeping her faith close to her, helping women, many of whom are mothers, and doing so in a way that doesn’t look at clients piecemeal but on the whole.

We chat on this holistic approach to physical care, as well as tackle practical advice on what women ought to be doing to create better health, what she wishes women knew about their health, and her new postpartum movement guide.

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To connect with Dr. Cait and check out her movement videos and awesome advice, head to Instagram @womanlymadeco.

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