EP 207: The Crossroads of Interior Design and the Interior Life with Paige Rien

What is a home for? This was one of the first questions Paige Rien, Catholic convert and interior designer, posed during our time together on a recent The Catholic Mama episode.

Often in the world of style, the purpose of the home, what will actually be happening there – a family striving for holiness – is pushed aside for what is in right now.

Speaking from her years in the design industry and through the lens of her own growth in the Catholic faith, Paige shared how we ought to expand our concept of interior design, how we can truly love the house that we are in, and why design projects aren’t going to equal happiness.

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Be sure and connect with Paige on Instagram @paigerien. Her book, Revived + Renovated: Real Conversations on the Intersection of Home, Faith, and Everything in Between, is also available for pre-order now!

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