Memorizing the Faith with Dr. Kevin Vost PLUS a Giveaway!

Despite the Mass being almost completely comprised of Scripture and hearing it at least weekly (friendly thought: go to Mass more than once a week – daily Mass does wonders to recharge the ol’ batteries!), Catholics aren’t well known for having the faith memorized. Quick test: What are the 10 commandments in order? Or another: Word for word, what is John 1:1? And another: What are all the books of the Old Testament, in order?

Don’t know the answers? You’re not alone! And good news – according to Catholic, clinical psychologist, and author Dr. Kevin Vost, the brain can be trained to memorize all of these things and more using some really interesting methods that were discussed and written about by…Catholic saints! So while Catholics might not be as well known as our Protestant friends for faith memorization, we can learn a lot from our own saints on how to improve our memory, whether we’re trying to get down the Ten Commandments or the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Dr. Vost joined me recently on an episode of The Catholic Mama podcast to talk about and demonstrate these memorization techniques. You can listen to that episode here. You can also listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play or iHeartRadio.

Giveaway Time!

As a thank you to everyone who has listened and supported The Catholic Mama podcast over the past year and a half, I’ll be giving away a copy of Dr. Vost’s book, Memorize the Faith!, as well as a beautiful rosary and the booklet Let’s Pray (Not Just Say) the Rosary.

Entry is simple! Just post a glowing review of The Catholic Mama podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or whenever you listen, and send a screenshot of it to Christine(at)TheCatholicMama(dot)com. I’ll be choosing a winner on January 1, 2020. Each and every review helps boost the podcast in the search results so we can help spread the Good News via The Catholic Mama even more! Thank you! 🙏🙏🙏

Connect with Dr. Vost at and be sure and pick up your own copy of Memorize the Faith!.

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