EP 129: Raising Children to Become Strong Catholic Leaders

Alan Migliorato and Darryl Dziedzic, authors of the book Failing Forward: Leadership Lessons for Catholic Teens Today, joined me on The Catholic Mama podcast recently to talk about their book and give guidance on how parents can help foster leadership skills in their children.

As I read through the book and as we spoke on the show, it became obvious that these skills and the method Alan and Darryl describe at length in their book are skills that children can begin learning at a young age…and getting used to our children as being leaders is something us parents need to work on as well. In fact, as you’ll hear in the episode, the authors gave me a challenge to help my oldest child level up in his responsibilities. Alan and Darryl will be back on the show in the coming weeks to talk over the findings of this little social experiment happening now in the Flynn household but suffice it to say that the results have been pretty awesome so far!

So download the episode below or listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play iHeartRadio, or anywhere you normally access podcasts. The Catholic Mama is there! And catch up with Alan and Darryl at their ministry website AdventureCatholic.com and on Facebook.

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