EP 184: The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood with Emily Fossier

Through this episode’s guest, Emily Fossier, I became acquainted with the book The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, and in the early months of nursing my fourth baby and taking care of my three older children, homeschooling, managing a household and family business, I began reading it. Thus, began this journey towards a holier motherhood. In the quiet moments of naptime, a newborn in my arms, I read the book, learned more of the special calling that mothers have in God’s plan, and dedicated myself with renewed passion to this vocation through a deepening love for both Our Blessed Mother and the Child Jesus.

The book, which has the nihil obstat (nothing in it is contrary to the Catholic faith), details the many messages and visions that an anonymous woman – a wife and mother of young children – received some decades ago and that were documented with the guidance of the woman’s priest. Some of the passages are quite personal to her, others are quite difficult, but they have proved so fruitful.

Emily joined me on this episode to discuss this lovely, life-altering book and how we can relate it to our own lives, here and now, decades later.

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Also be sure and connect with on Instagram @apostolateofholymotherhood, where she offers wonderful reflections on Catholic motherhood. Should you like to follow along, you can purchase The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood off Amazon.

AT THE 2021

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