EP 197: Personal Style and Feminine Genius Meet in the Worthy of Wearing Movement with Nicole Caruso

As Catholics, we know that vanity is a sin, modesty a virtue. We also know that we evangelize through the three transcendentals of truth, goodness, and beauty. But how does all of that play out in our personal lives when it comes to how we dress and present ourselves, both in the home and in the world?

There is so often an incongruity between the fashion that is promulgated through various forms of media and our own personal styles. While one is predetermined by industry experts and often does little to enhance a woman’s sense of health and worthiness, the other is a blend of who we are, what we feel beautiful in, and speaks to the holiness we’re called to live out in our daily lives. It can be a real challenge to filter out the vanity, hone in on the beauty, and do so with humility and grace.

Nicole Caruso – Catholic, wife, mother, stylist, and author – has helped many women to develop their personal styles with a focus on their beauty all while encouraging the virtue of modesty through her blog. And now her just released book, Worthy of Wearing: How Personal Style Expresses Our Feminine Genius, goes into great detail on why caring about your outward appearance isn’t a vice, how it can be a reflection of your interior life, and practical ways to find and flesh out your own style.

The book itself is a beautiful work, showcasing real life women who exhibit unique and beautiful styles, and her writing is just as beautiful. After this past turbulent year and a half on Planet Earth, Worthy of Wearing is a refreshing and life-breathing book, and I’m so happy I was able to chat with Nicole about it, as well as some tips for listeners on getting started with developing and refining a personal style.

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You can learn more about Nicole’s book, Worthy of Wearing: How Personal Style Expresses Our Feminine Genius, and pick up a copy at Sophia Institute Press and at WorthyOfWearing.com.

Also be sure and connect with Nicole on Instagram @nmcaruso and her blog NicoleMCaruso.com, where she shares expert styling advice, home and family reflections, and more through a Catholic lens.

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