EP 33: Finding Mercy and Hope in the Vocation of Motherhood with Catholic Writer Jeannie Ewing

When I first came across Jeannie Ewing’s writing, it was on CatholicMom.com. I was enchanted. Her way with words drew me in, emotionally connected me to situations or stories I wouldn’t have thought I’d felt a connection with on the surface. So it was with real pleasure when a mutual acquaintance introduced us.

I Jeannie was on The Catholic Mama podcast several months back to chat about the spirituality of grief. Enlightening, emotive and a real joy to converse with, I asked Jeannie to come back on. Our conversation ran the gamut from fertility to mercy, and we got to spend some time talking about one of her latest projects, Amazing Mercy, a CD compilation of real life stories written by Jeannie accompanied by beautiful music and songs by Catholic singer Anna Nuzzo.

After we recorded the podcast, I went and immediately ordered Amazing Mercy. And just in time for our podcast episode to be released, the CD came in the mail and I got to listen to it in its entirety this week. The first word that came to mind while listening was inspired.

The stories Jeannie tells had a way of touching my heart. These are her stories, but they are written and told in such a way that they feel much more personal. The details between what she experienced and what I might have are very different of course, but the emotions, the sensations, the themes…these are things I, and I think many women, could relate to deeply. From the beauty of a child’s simple appreciation of God to hurting from a relationship mismanaged.

And as soon as the first of Anna’s songs started, I had goosebumps. Her voice is so soothing and beautiful and the lyrics and melodies blend so well with Jeannie’s stories (the CD is set up so there is a track that Jeannie narrates, followed by an accompanying song of Anna’s).

Overall, this work was so unique and touching – the words and soundtrack we could all use in our lives.

To listen to my chat with Jeannie about Amazing Mercy, the blessing and sacrifice of fertility and motherhood, and whether what U.S. state might just be the most beautiful, listen to this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast on iTunesStitcher, Google Play or iHeartRadio. Or download it directly here.

And please please check out Amazing Mercy. It is a perfect gift to yourself, and what better gift can you give yourself than a heart that is more open to God’s graces and love as He works miracles in your life?

You can also find Jeannie at JeannieEwing.com and her wonderfully talented partner on the Amazing Mercy project at AnnaNuzzo.com.

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