EP 94: Being Open to Life through Adoption with Catholic Author Emily Stimpson Chapman

Way back when (like a year and a half ago), I first got to chat with Catholic author Emily Stimpson Chapman. After seeing an interview of her, I snagged one of her books, The Catholic Table, which influenced me greatly in various parts of my life – from giving me, as a Catholic convert, my first introduction to Theology of the Body to better understanding the healing nourishment of the Eucharist to spelling out the difference between opening one’s home to others as a host versus an entertainer (something I really needed to hear). The entire episode was so great because, well, Emily is so great. I came away from that initial conversation and from her book feeling refreshed and inspired, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

So when I saw that Emily had written another book, Around the Catholic Table, that’s filled with recipes and essays as a fundraiser to help her and her husband adopt another child, I reached out immediately. And here we are, another episode in the bank! I’m excited to share this time we had together talking about a whole host of topics – about motherhood, being open to life through adoption, and her many projects, including one that’s got me doing a happy dance – a book co-authored with Scott Hahn called Hope to Die, due out at Easter 2020!

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And be sure to connect to Emily on Instagram @EmilyStimpsonChapman and at her website TheCatholicTable.com.

You can also snag her fantastic cookbook, Around the Catholic Table during Emily’s adoption fundraiser here: https://thecatholictable.com/around-the-catholic-table-adoption-campaign/ Please consider donating to this wonderful cause. The book itself is absolutely beautiful and the recipes look amazing. Plus each donation brings a child closer to a loving home.

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