EP 78: Discernment and Living Out Your Vocation with Stacey Sumereau

Catholic or not, everyone goes through the process of discernment, whether we’re trying to decide what to do with our lives on the big scale or looking at how best to spend the next 15 minutes of our day, but as Catholics, special guidance and understanding are given to us through the traditions and teachings of our Church and the wonderful examples that the saints have left us with. It becomes an ongoing journey with real purpose: God’s plan and how we fit into it.

In EP 78: Discernment and Living Out Your Vocation, I got to sit down for a chat with cradle Catholic, wife, mother, podcaster, and former Broadway performer Stacey Sumereau to talk about what discernment is and how we continue to do it throughout our lives, for both the big things and the small (Also, one of her posts went viral recently regarding her wedding – it’s a beautiful post so definitely check it out here if you haven’t already!) Stacey’s unique experiences, from being on Broadway to being on a reality TV show about women discerning religious life, have given her a really neat perspective on how God calls us to live out His plan in a variety of ways. So I’m excited to share this episode.

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And be sure and connect with Stacey at StaceySumereau.com!

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