EP 75: From Anti-Religious to the Traditional Latin Mass

My husband Pat encouraged me to start a podcast a year and a half ago. He has his own podcast and had been hosting it for quite a while at that point. So he helped me set it all up and made sure I had quiet time, away from the kids, to record episodes and conduct interviews. One of my favorite parts of doing The Catholic Mama podcast has been spending time chatting with him on the air. Pat is so philosophically and logically minded that to have his perspective on matters of faith, reason, and current affairs has been a great blessing to me…and it seems to my listeners as well! I’ve gotten so much great feedback on my conversations with Pat on The Catholic Mama that we decided to make it official and do a weekly segment together. So now The Catholic Mama will have three episodes per week – a solo or interview-based episode, a Catechism Friday mini-episode, and then a joint episode with “Husband Pat.”

On our first official joint podcast episode together, Pat and I pick up where we left on on a previous conversation and tackle further the spiritual but not religious position, as well as dive into why we so love the traditional Latin Mass, including some starting tips for anyone interested in checking out TLM but who might be a little nervous to do so.

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