EP 72: When It Comes to Faith, Is Curiosity a Good Thing?

A friend of my husband’s is in the process of converting to Catholicism (how great is that??). His journey has led him to a lot of questions (Rightly so!) Oftentimes, he’ll join us at the 2pm Latin Mass we’ve been going to on Sundays and then we’ll grab an early dinner and a brew and hash out theological topics. Every couple of weeks, he’ll come over for dinner and as I’m putting the kids to bed, I can hear him and my husband engaging in friendly arguments over the truths he’s coming to know and the fallacies he’s leaving behind.

It isn’t always easy to dive into these questions. The answers might not be the ones we seek, but the seeking is important.

So when he asked me recently what I thought of all his questioning, I knew where he was coming from, and I could easily answer, Yes the questions are good…to a point.

We would be foolish to pretend that all questions are of the same caliber and that there is no difference between the vice of curiosity and the virtue of study.

Taking his question to heart, I decided to dive deeper into the topic in this episode of The Catholic Mama. You can also listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play or iHeartRadio.

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