EP 69: Approaching Motherhood with Authenticity with Jeannie Ewing

Let me start off by saying I love the online Catholic community. Everyone who I’ve encountered since starting The Catholic Mama have been so open and honest and willing and excited to help spread the Good News. Not only as Catholics are we blessed with the communion of saints in heaven, but we also have access to the community of the earthly Church. And after years of feeling the lonesomeness of atheism, I’m still floored by the open-armed embrace of the Catholics I’ve gotten to know through this little apostolate.

All this brings me to my guest on this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast – Catholic author and speaker Jeannie Ewing, who, when I think of how much I love the Catholic community, my growing friendship with Jeannie is one that comes to mind. Jeannie’s actually joined me a few times on the show and each time is an authentic and genuine encounter with a fellow Catholic, wife, and mom. This time was no different!

Having struggled with infertility and then being blessed with hyper fertility, Jeannie brings a sense of truth and understanding to our conversation on the great joys and great struggles of motherhood. For women looking to balance these two ends of the parenting spectrum, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode.

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And connect with Jeannie at JeannieEwing.com.

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