EP 68: The Truth about Toxic Femininity with Author Carrie Gress

I first came across Carrie Gress when I was watching an episode of EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” on YouTube. I watched all of three minutes of the episode and was already ordering her book The Anti-Mary Exposed. And another minute after that, my husband was saying I should reach out to her and see if she’d be on the podcast (Carrie actually wound up being on his podcast first – if you want to hear more from her, definitely check out that episode).

As it turns out, Carrie, a wife, mom, and PhD, is super wonderful and friendly and knowledgeable, and she happily agreed to sit down and chat with me about her most recent books, Theology of Home and The Anti-Mary, as well as how toxic femininity has invaded and infected our modern culture. It was a really fascinating conversation, and I think you’ll get a lot out of it.

You can listen to the episode here or you can listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play or iHeartRadio.

And connect with Carrie at TheologyOfHome.com.

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