EP 208: The Catholic Parents’ Guide to Philosophy 101 with Dr. Gaven Kerr

I am not a natural philosopher. That is my husband. Me? Not so much. Philosophical matters, like higher math, gets my brain to shut down faster than anesthesia. HOWEVER, slowly slowly slowly that’s starting to change. In part, this is due to being saturated by my husband’s philosophy work. But I’ve also been making an effort. It is molasses slow, but I’m starting to see the improvements and benefits.

Perhaps you’ve given philosophy a go but it didn’t quite stick? Or you aren’t a natural at it? Or maybe you’re not sure how to start off teaching philosophy to family or friends or in your homeschool?

Dr. Gaven Kerr, a close friend of Pat’s (the two of them are co-authoring a forthcoming book on Aquinas for Catholic Answers Press), philosopher, professor and Catholic, came on The Catholic Mama podcast recently to outline a starting plan for Catholics wanting to study philosophy – why it’s important, where to start, etc.

It was a fruitful discussion and one that gave me a few new books to add to my reading list! I think you’ll really enjoy this one too.

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To connect with Gaven and see more of his academic work, head to: https://maynoothcollege.ie/staff/dr-gaven-kerr-ba-mphil-phd

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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