EP 202: How to Talk to Your Kids about Evolution with Dr. Michael Behe

My children’s understanding about evolution is almost entirely linked up to what stages a Pokemon can change into, but recently, they’ve been asking meatier questions about the Darwin’s theory of evolution that I wasn’t prepared to answer. In fact, it was just in the past few years that I even though to ask question about the theory of evolution. I took it as a given, almost as a scientific law versus a theory.

And to be honest, I thought the alternative to evolution was some weirdo Christian fundamentalism that seemed to contradict science and reason.

Thankfully, my husband, in his tireless studies, came across the fascinating works of Dr. Michael Behe, bestselling author, biochemist, and professor, who has done decades of study into Darwin’s theory and Intelligent Design published on this thorough and extensive study (including three published works).

Dr. Behe has been on Pat’s podcast a number of times (scroll down to the end of this post for some of those episodes), and he was kind enough to join me on a recent episode of The Catholic Mama podcast to set a baseline understanding of Darwin’s theory of evolution and Intelligent Design, why evolution as it is taught to the public today is an unverified nonstarter, as well as offer resources for both parents and children to dive deeper into this area of science.

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Science curricula from the Discovery Institute

Illustra Media on Youtube

Dr. Michael Behe’s website

Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Dr. Michael Behe

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