EP 190: Healing from Abortion

In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, Moira from Modern Catholic Mom takes over the show and interviews me on my journey healing from abortion.

Discussing the abortion I had when I was seventeen years old isn’t something I have gone into in great detail over the past few years. It has never been something I have shied away from and have posted about it several times on Instagram (including here and here). Rather, I haven’t been quite sure how to tell this story in a way that was helpful and meaningful.

The goals that Moira and I shared in recording this episode were to strengthen the personal convictions that abortion is always intrinsically evil and never morally justified, that it never empowers women, and – this part is VERY important – that there is hope, healing, and love to be found through the Catholic Church for anyone who has chosen abortion.

In our time together, Moira and I walked through my past, what misconceptions I had about pregnancy in my teens, what led me to feeling that abortion was my only real choice, and the fallout from that choice, including depression, increased sexual activity, and drug use. We also talked about how to strengthen the pro-life stance in others, including young adults, and ideas for healing.

This is not an easy subject. It certainly isn’t pleasant for me to relive it, but I speak on these things because many women have had abortions, repented afterwards, and are now carrying with them the guilt and unrest of their past choices. I want to show that there is true healing.

I also speak of my own experiences because there are others – girls, women, men – who have never been in the position to have an abortion but have bought into the lies of the pro-choice movement, that abortion is a human right and that we cannot make judgements on other people’s choices. This is terribly incorrect. Abortion is the greatest genocide in human history, and it must end. We can push the culture towards life through educating others that abortion is not healthcare nor is it a human right. (See below for resources on defending and evangelizing the pro-life side).

In the pro-life movement, there are many wonderful stories of women who, when faced with a difficult situation, choose life. It is amazing to see their bravery and love.

I think we also need to hear more from women, who, when faced with a difficult situation, chose death and then realized later their grave mistake and have repented. Women like that, like me, have a place in the pro-life movement and are not hypocrites for being there.

If you are struggling with your past choices or if you need prayers, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Just head to the “contact” tab on the website and send me a note.

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Rachel’s Vineyard, offering post-abortive healing retreats and guidance for both women and men

Project Rachel – hope after abortion Catholic resources

Abby Johnson’s website

Moira shared a wonderful prayer she wrote for post-abortive healing that is simply beautiful:

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