EP 188: Teaching Teenagers the Faith with John De Rosa

A little while ago, I received a heartbreaking note from a father who is at a loss of how to connect with his teenaged son who, while raised in a loving Catholic home, is turning away from the faith and is now embracing a life that is antithetical to Catholicism.

 “I have been looking for good ways to talk to him and how to explain that there is a God and that Jesus is God and that Jesus founded the Catholic church in order to at least set a foundation for him to come back to the church.

After reading this note, the first person I thought of was John De Rosa, who is the host of The Classical Theism podcast and author of  One Less God Than You: How to Answer Slogans, Cliches, and Fallacies that Atheists Use to Challenge Your Faith. He’s also a high school teacher and has worked with teens for a number of years within the Church.

We sat down together to talk about how to teach teenagers the Catholic faith, as well as dispel common objections that arise for young adults and connect with them on a deeper level.

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