EP 181: How Radical Feminism Betrayed Maternal Love with Kimberly Cook

Motherhood Redeemed: How Radical Feminism Betrayed Maternal Love. Out of all the emails in my inbox, this subject line caught my attention immediately. I opened the email from TAN Books to read about a new book by Catholic wife, mother, and author Kimberly Cook that was a blend of both personal testimony and historical fact. I hadn’t even gotten through the entire book description before I was finding Kimberly’s contact info and asking her to come on The Catholic Mama podcast.

We scheduled some time together a few weeks later, and before we hit record, I was able to read Motherhood Redeemed. And WOW. As a traditional Catholic, I already knew I agreed with Kimberly’s conclusion – that feminism with its pro-abortion, gender fluidity, and anti-nuclear family platforms is a disaster. What really fascinated me was the connections she drew from those first generation feminists, which are so often hailed, even by modern faith-filled Catholics as generally good, showing that even from the start feminism is a failure.

And then of course, intertwined with the history of the feminist movement came Kimberly’s personal history, her own anti-authority rage, a dislike for the idea of motherhood, the struggles to overcome the unfortunate legacy that feminism had left in her life. I found myself nodding my head along with so much of her writing.

The episode with Kimberly, where we talk through the book, the issues with feminism, and more is up now. I think you’re really going to like this one.

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Be sure and connect with Kimberly on her website, KimberlyCook.me, as well as on Instagram. You can purchase her book directly through TAN Books or on Amazon.

Note: Kimberly’s book, along with other Catholic books, including Carrie Gress’s wonderful book The Anti-Mary Exposed, has recently experienced censorship against platforms, including Facebook. Please please please! Show your support for Catholic authors and publishers by following and purchasing books from them!

Also very cool – Kimberly was recently a guest on Catholic Answers Live, which you can watch the replay of here!


Awesome news! Kimberly is one of the speakers at the inaugural Caritas Conference, a unique and FREE virtual conference designed to equip Catholic women for the war on femininity. Join us March 19-21, 2021 and learn more at CaritasConference.com. Hope you can join us!

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