EP 164: Secrets of the Sacred Heart with Emily Jaminet

In my time as a podcast host, I’ve gotten the opportunity to have conversations with many Catholics, and the diversity of experience, interests, and expertise has continued to amaze and astound me. And through these opportunities, I’ve had several experiences of coming away from one of these conversations feeling so edified in my vocation as a Catholic, a wife, and a mother. My time with Claire Dwyer, Kathleen Beckman and Simone Rizkallah really stick out to me. And today, I’m excited to share another one of those conversations with you.

I recently was able to chat with Catholic author, speaker, and media personality Emily Jaminet on her latest book Secrets of the Sacred Heart: 12 Ways to Claim Jesus’ Promises in Your Life. Emily has such a beautiful way of speaking about our faith, a faith that is so clearly infused in all areas of her life. Wisdom and joy were so apparent in her, and what wonderful thing to feel joyful about: The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the ancient devotion to the Sacred Heart as defined by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and the visions Jesus revealed to her.

Even after we held a Sacred Heart enthronement ceremony in our home not too long ago, speaking with Emily reinvigorated my excitement over this devotion, and I think she will help to stir up your love for the Sacred Heart, too.

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And be sure to connect with Emily on her website EmilyJaminet.com, as well as find videos and additional resources at WelcomeHisHeart.com.

You can also grab a copy of Emily’s latest book The Secrets of the Sacred Heart at www.AveMariaPress.com or Amazon 

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