EP 162: Ideas for Liturgical Living in Advent with Genie Shaw

Anyone else kind of in shock at how soon Advent is coming upon us? But thanks to Genie Shaw of BarefootAbbey.com, this absolutely doesn’t have to be a crazy stressful time of year. Instead, you can plan ahead for minimalist, budget-friendly Catholic celebrations and enjoy and prepare for Christ’s coming.

Genie does such a wonderful job of offering simple but beautiful ways to include our Faith in the everyday. From prayers to food, Genie’s ideas are the minimalist Catholic moms’ dream so I’m happy to say that Genie joined me on a recent episode of The Catholic Mama podcast to give an overview of which feast days from the Catholic New Year on the night before the first Sunday in Advent to the Feast of Ss. Adam and Eve (aka Christmas Eve).

So if you want to plan out which feast days you’ll be celebrating as a family this Advent, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE!! Download the episode below or listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play or anywhere you normally access podcasts. The Catholic Mama is there! 

And find all the Advent things on her website, BarefootAbbey.com and be sure and connect with Genie on Instagram @barefootabbey.

Also! I’m including an editable family liturgical calendar, as seen in the photo below, that I use for my family as a MEMBER EXCLUSIVE for The Domestic Church. If you’re unfamiliar, The Domestic Church is a monthly membership that helps busy Catholic moms and dads enjoy guided spiritual readings through a unique virtual book club, plan a minimalist feast day celebration, and request a spiritual bouquet. Just $10 a month, this patreon-like membership will help The Catholic Mamcontinue to reach more Catholics seeking to deepen their faith. Learn more and sign up HERE!

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