EP 159: Why Purgatory Is Very Good News with Karlo Broussard

When I’ve explained Purgatory to my children, it’s been along the lines of how C.S. Lewis explained it – that it’s a kind of spiritual bath to clean ourselves up for an eternity spent in friendship with God. But I also don’t want to ignore another aspect of Purgatory, that is to pay what punishment we owe to God for the sins we’ve committed in this life. So I make sure to tell them that just as when we have to scrub the dirt behind the ears, when we get cleansed in Purgatory, it might not feel so very great.

Of course, that is a greatly simplified explanation of the doctrine of Purgatory within the Catholic Church. As faithful Catholics, we owe it to ourselves and to God Himself to have a firm grasp on this doctrine.

Karlo Broussard, author and apologist at Catholic Answers, who joined me several months ago on another episode, came on The Catholic Mama podcast to chat about his latest book, Purgatory Is for Real, and why Purgatory is a wonderful example of God’s love and mercy and why we should rejoice and embrace this doctrine of faith.

We also spend some time chatting about a common misconception about Purgatory and how some Protestants, including Martin Luther, have and continue to view Purgatory. It was a really fascinating episode and I certainly learned a lot!

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Join Karlo Broussard and Christine on Episode 159 of The Catholic Mama podcast to chat about the very good news of Purgatory.

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