EP 152: From Muslim to Catholic and Everything in Between with Jane Manka

As a convert to Catholicism, I love the stories of fellow converts. It brings to life the unique love of our God, how He can draw straight with crooked lines.

My guest, Jane Manka of @thesaltytribeco, on Episode 152 of The Catholic Mama podcast has quite a conversion story herself, having been raised Muslim by her stepfather, chafing under the authority and leaning into occult practices to making her way to a cherry-picked Protestantism.

And then, one day not in the very dim past, Jane found herself standing in the Church that Jesus built and realizing a lifetime of seeking had brought her home to Catholicism.

Hearing Jane share her story was a real treat, and she was such fun to chat with (Also, we’ve been using her Year 1 Catholic minimalist homeschool curriculum, Salt + Light, and LOVING it so it was awesome to fangirl over that for a bit with her as well).

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And be sure to connect with Jane on her website SacredByTheSea and on Instagram @thesaltytribeco.

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