EP 144: When You’re Grieving Life as It Once Was with Jeannie Ewing

To paraphrase my podcast guest, Catholic wife, mother, and spirituality writer Jeannie Ewing, “You don’t just grieve for the death of someone. You can grieve for the loss of routine or how your life used to be.”

It struck me recently that I was grieving. A deep sadness over the way life used to be, when I could just pack my children up in the car and go to a favorite park or treat them to an afternoon at the movie theater. When I could shake someone’s hand and see them, without fear in their eyes or half their face covered. The grief feels marrow deep. And I know I’m not the only one.

As soon as I recognized my feelings as grief, I knew exactly who to get in touch with. Jeannie, the mother of a disabled child, is a beautiful writer who focuses on handling grief from a Catholic perspective.

Handling grief from a Catholic perspective. That’s something I certainly could use some advice on. How about you?

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Also be sure and connect with Jeannie at her website JeannieEwing.com.

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