EP 135: Marian Consecration for Children with Carrie Gress

I’m a huge fan of Carrie Gress’s work. From the incredibly well-written red pill of The Anti-Mary Exposed to the warming and affirming sense of homemaking in Theology of Home, Carrie imparts such wisdom into her writings that you can’t help but grow in holiness simply by reading one of her books. I’ve been excited, then, to share a work of hers with my children, who, while too young to appreciate her other books, can certainly take advantage of one in particular: Marian Consecration for Children.

Many Catholics have taken part in or have heard of consecrating oneself to Mary, but the 33 days of prayer leading up to the day of consecration are usually geared towards adults. I have benefited enormously from St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary and Preparation for Consecration, but the prayers are long and often dry, and while appropriate for adults, it can very well turn children off to the whole process. But of course, it’s important to be true to the heart of the consecration, as well. To engage children in these practices of faith, we need to maintain both truth and the proper spirit without overwhelming them.

In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, Carrie and I discuss what a consecration to Mary is, why we should be doing it (and doing it yearly!), and how best to engage children in this time of prayer. We also talk about her book Marian Consecration for Children and her motivation and inspiration for presenting the consecration to children in the manner in which she did.

Carrie’s always a pleasure to talk to (be sure and listen to our episode on The Anti-Mary and toxic femininity here!). So download the episode below or listen to it on iTunesStitcherGoogle Play iHeartRadio, or anywhere you normally access podcasts. The Catholic Mama is there! And be sure to catch up with Carrie at CarrieGress.com and TheologyOfHome.com.

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