EP 127: Overcoming Obstacles to Catholic Parenting

I got a chance to be a returning guest on my friend Gary Michuta’s Virgin Most Power radio program “Hands On Apologetics” for a topic I know is top of mind for a lot of Catholic moms and dads: How to overcome obstacles to Catholic parenting.

To make sure I best used the time I had with Gary, I took to my Instagram to ask followers that they are struggling with most in encouraging their children to live faith-filled lives. I got so many great answers and suggestions, and there were definite themes. So I boiled all the responses down to three topics:

  1. How to protect children without oversheltering them?
  2. How to navigate family members who are nominal Catholics/anti-Catholic/leading openly sinful lives
  3. How to handle liberal public school environments

Gary and I spent 40 minutes talking through the above topics, and if you’ve struggled with any of these, I really hope you find this episode helpful.

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And be sure to connect to Gary on his website GaryMichuta.com, grab a copy of one of his books, and hear him each weekday on his show Hands On Apologetics on Virgin Most Powerful Radio.

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