EP 126: What To Do When You’re Attacked Online for Your Catholic Faith

I recently called for a novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to ask God’s forgiveness for those who are desecrating or calling for the desecration of the sacred icons of our faith, including those of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and the saints. What I thought would be a prayer that Catholics could get behind, quickly drew the shrieking mob who publicly attacked my character and my Catholic faith. And while I’ve been attacked for my pro-life posts in the past, this was to a different degree.

So my husband, who is a master at logic, joined me on Episode 126 of The Catholic Mama podcast to talk through what happened during the mob attack and why the agenda that they pushed is 100% wrong, as well as offer a strategy and practical tips for if or whenever you are attacked for your faith online.

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast Episode:

We mentioned a lot of studies and books that are really well done and offer a truthful take on the social madness that is gripping our country and world today. We highly recommend you take the time to read through these resources.

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