EP 124: Why Catholics Should Stand Against Socialism

The Catholic Church has denounced socialism/Marxism/communism for the past 150 years…but why? What is so wrong with socialism that Popes have written encyclicals on it, bishops have spoken against it, and even today, Catholics in good standing must reject it?

In Episode 124 of The Catholic Mama podcast, my husband and I dive deep into socialism, why it is fundamentally flawed from the very start, and why, even now, it simply cannot work, is 100% immoral, and why Catholics must stand against it.

For a more in-depth discussion on Catholics and socialism, I recommend the book, Can a Catholic Be Socialist? by Trent Horn. And to further your own research on the topic of how deadly socialism is in practice, I suggest heading to the University of Hawai’i’s website for data on “Death by Government” and CommunistCrimes.org.

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  1. This was a great podcast-really informative! Thank you so much!

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