EP 123: How to Defend Christianity Against Popular Atheist Slogans with John DeRosa

Popular atheist slogans are just that: Popular. They take 5 seconds to recite, they sound intelligent, but are ultimately lacking. It just take much longer to study why they are incorrect and then to refute them. I myself used to use them from time to time, too, and I always felt incredibly smart for doing so. Now, however, after much study and prayer and God working on my heart, I came to know the truth of things.

But that certainly means the atheist slogans have gone away. Indeed, these sayings abound online, and for anyone who hasn’t brushed up on the reasons behind their Christian faith, these quips can be quite problematic, again, because they sound intelligent and while they can easily be spouted off in a social media debate, they take more time and nuance to defend against.

So knowing all that, I am delighted that I got to speak with John DeRosa recently about this very topic. John’s the host of the Catholic apologetics podcast Classical Theism and is the author of the recently released book by Catholic Answers Press, One Less God Than You: How to Answer Slogans, Cliches, and Fallacies that Atheists Use to Challenge Your Faith.

We spend time dissecting some of the most common atheist slogans that you’ll run into today, as well as an overarching strategy for engaging in these types of conversations. John’s done a lot of work with confirmation-age kids, and I’ve got to say, while this book isn’t necessarily written for teens, if you have any kids in your life that are confirmation age through college age, I think they would have a ton of utility in having this book on hand. That said, adults! Read this book too! After you listen to the podcast episode of course 😛

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And catch up with John at ClassicalTheism.com! He’s got loads of great content there on apologetics and defending our Catholic faith.

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