EP 120: Teaching Children about Theology of the Body with Moira from Modern Catholic Mom

Growing up, I didn’t have a really good understanding of sex, except for what I learned in fifth grade sex ed and whatever I saw on TV or the magazine headlines I read in grocery store checkout line. But those touchpoints affected me deeply, and I created for myself a skewed and very unhealthy image of both myself and sexuality.

Now that I’m Catholic, I understand the framework in which to instruct my own children, but without personal experience of having this information passed down to me from a Catholic perspective, I have no idea where to start! So thankfully, I had a chance to speak with Moira of ModernCatholicMom.com about Theology of the Body, how it’s never too early to begin to teach children about what God made our bodies for, and resources that can help broach the tough subjects.

It was a super helpful episode, and if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll think so too.

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Resources Mentioned in the Episode

Both of these blog posts can be found on Modern Catholic Mom:

Talking to Your Kids about Sex
It All Comes Back to a Theology of the Body

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