EP 117: How to Get Your Children Engaged – Not Just Behaved – in Mass

As the churches begin to reopen after Coronavirus quarantine, we’ll be heading back to Mass soon. After months away, I bet a lot of us parents have the same question on our minds – How are my children going to do in Mass?

But it’s not just good behavior we want but engaged minds. We want our children to pay attention to the liturgy, understand what’s going on, and revere as we do.

In this episode of the Catholic Mama podcast, I chat with Catholic children’s book author Jennifer Sharpe about how to engage children in the Mass, not just get them to sit/kneel/stand and be generally behaved. Because good behavior doesn’t mean engagement but often, the reverse is true.

For anyone who has struggled with figuring out how to get their children, regardless of age to come to love the Mass, this is one episode you need to listen to!

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Be sure and connect with Jennifer at her website HeartsTrueDevotion.com and find her books on Amazon.

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