EP 116: How to Overcome Spiritual Doubt

What do you do when you want to believe in God, Jesus, and the Catholic faith but feel that you don’t have the appropriate amount of data in order to do so?

In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, I’m joined by my husband Pat to tackle a listener-submitted question on what to do with doubts about faith, providing answers and resources on the following key subjects:

  • How can we know that God exists?
  • Why should we believe in Heaven?
  • How can an all-loving God allow suffering and evil in this world?
  • What kind of historical evidence is there for Jesus?
  • Resources to dig deeper into any of the topics we covered in the episode

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Resources we mentioned in the episode:

A beautiful thing about the Catholic faith – there are over 2,000 years worth of research, reflections, and writings to dive into. Here are some excellent resources that my husband and/or I personally recommend to get started with or to dive deeper into a given topic.

Word on Fire is releasing a really spectacular edition of The Gospels with expert commentary, beautiful artwork, and an aesthetically pleasing layout. We received an advanced copy and it really is stunning. For more info on getting a copy of your own, head here.

Have a question or topic that you’d like me to cover on a future episode? Submit ideas HERE.

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