EP 106: The Sacrament of Marriage in a Modern World with Dr. Perry Cahall

The definition of marriage in a contemporary popular context is quite different than what the Catholic Church teaches about it. And even then, many practicing Catholics don’t have a complete understanding of marriage, not as a social institution but as a sacrament instituted by Christ Himself.

In this episode of The Catholic Mama podcast, I’m joined by Dr. Perry Cahall, author of the recently released book Living the Mystery of Marriage: Building Your Sacramental Life Together, to define marriage and talk about what he wishes all couples would know and understand about marriage, whether they’re engaged or a long-time couple, including why Catholics cannot in good conscience use contraception.

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You can nab a copy of Perry’s book here. I found it to be super insightful, and I think you would as well, as it ties in practical life and Church teachings on marriage – the sacrament many of us will live out each day of our lives and for many years.

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