EP 80: Catholic Books for Children with Author Erin Broestl

I got a chance recently to sit down for a chat with Catholic author Erin Broestl about her new children’s book God Made the Moonlight, the importance of reading with children, and advice for literacy for homeschooling families.

Being caught up in the busyness of the day-to-day, feeling in the weeds a lot of the time, raising small children, managing a household and helping to run the family business, homeschooling my children…hearing from Erin about ways to sneak reading in, great books to read, and just some great affirmation on opting for homeschool was really wonderful.

Erin’s book God Made the Moonlight was a book my 2-6 year old children enjoyed at bedtime. You can grab a copy of her wonderful book on Amazon or at https://aerbook.com/store/perpetualuxbooks/Childrens_Picture_Books/176996

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And be sure and connect with Erin at EightHobbits.com!

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