EP 195: Through the Year with Jesus for Kids with Katherine Bogner

Follow a few Catholic bloggers for a minute and you’ll realize that there are so many great resources out there to help parents catechize their children. I’d bet that this stems from a couple of different reasons. Perhaps the lack of quality religious education in their own lives that they want to rectify in their children’s. Or because of the beautifully varied ways in which we come and grow into our faith, creative minds find equally unique ways to share their faith with children and want to share that with others.

Katherine Bogner, who was an early guest of The Catholic Mama podcast way back in 2018 (scroll down for that episode), is an on fire, life long Catholic, who also happens to be (1) super creative and (2) an awesome middle school religion teacher. She’s also generous in giving out the resources she creates for her students for free on her blog, Look to Him and Be Radiant.

After years of being boots on the ground in the classroom and creating wonderful resources for her students and the Catholic community online, Katie decided to create a new kind of resource – a beautiful hard cover devotional that leads children of all ages through the Gospel with various prayer styles, discussion questions, and stunning artwork.

Designed to be used year after year (and not be restricted to the A/B/C rotation of Gospel readings), the book is really quite wonderful and is a Catholic resource that would have a welcome home among any family. I had such a nice time chatting with Katie about her book. We got to spend a few minutes touching on the importance of spiritual motherhood, too, which is important for all women to embrace as part of their femininity.

Also! For the first communicant in your life, someone just reached out for ideas on First Holy Communion gifts and I wholeheartedly recommended Katie’s book!

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You can learn more about her book and buy a copy for yourself here: https://www.looktohimandberadiant.com/p/my-book.html

Also be sure and connect with Katherine on Instagram @katherine.bogner and her blog LookToHimAndBeRadiant.com, where she offers GOBS of awesome religious education resources.

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