EP 92: How to Get Started with Liturgical Living with Jenna Hines of Lazy Liturgical

Anyone else ever look at the Church’s immense calendar of saints and feast days and wonder how in the world you’re supposed to celebrate these and teach your children about all these wonderful saints and the liturgical seasons, and then feel totally overwhelmed and wanna give up? Or you go all-in on celebrating only to get burnt out after a couple of feast days?

In this episode of The Catholic Mama, I got to chat with Catholic Creative Jenna Hines from Lazy Liturgical about her inspiration behind the simple and fun graphics she creates for Catholic feast days, the basics you need to get started on living liturgically, and favorite saints to celebrate.

For my own children, in our at-home catechesis and homeschool, I get A TON of use out of Jenna’s Growing Bundle, a digital collection of printable activity sheets that really help to bring the feast days and liturgical calendar to life. I highly recommend it!

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