EP 201: Bringing the Faith to the Youngest Catholics with Angela Smyth

We never turn down an opportunity to evangelize the faith so at a recent baptism, I knew I needed to choose an intentional gift to help bring the baby – and her parents – fuller into the faith. At nearly the same time that the invite came in for the baptism, I got linked up with Angela Smyth, author of the new board book, All You Holy Women, Pray for Us, and knew exactly what the baby’s baptism gift would be 🙂

I got a chance to chat with Angela about the book, which is a sweet – and catchy! – look at some of the many female Catholic saints, how she wanted to create a stronger Catholic culture within her own family as she awaited the birth of her first child, and how that led to the book, out now from Sophia Institute Press.

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You can learn more about Angela’s book, All You Holy Women, Pray for Us, and pick up a copy at Sophia Institute Press. Get 25% off the book by using the promo code HolyWomen25 at checkout there!

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