EP 179: Claire Dwyer on St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and This Present Paradise

Happily, Claire Dwyer is a guest once more on The Catholic Mama podcast , and in this episode, she’s joining me to chat about her new book This Present Paradise, which brings the reader on a journey with Elizabeth of the Trinity, a Catholic saint who, even years before Vatican encouraged it, spurred all Catholics, not just priests and nuns to cultivate a life of holiness.

If you aren’t familiar with Claire’s writing, once you’ve listened the episode, GO BUY HER BOOK, read her blog EvenTheSparrow.com or find her at SpiritualDirection.com. Her writings often bring me to (good) tears. She has such a beautiful way of writing that I simply can’t sing enough praises of. And here, too, in This Present Paradise, Claire brings St. Elizabeth to life and brings her into our own hearts and homes as Claire does best.

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Be sure and connect with Claire on her website EvenTheSparrow.com, as well as on SpiritualDirection.com. You can purchase her book directly through Sophia Institute Press or on Amazon.


Awesome news! Claire is one of the speakers at the inaugural Caritas Conference, a unique and FREE virtual conference designed to equip Catholic women for the war on femininity. Join us March 19-21, 2021 and learn more at CaritasConference.com. Hope you can join us!

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