EP 112: How to Embrace the Catholic Saints in Everyday Life with Claire Dwyer

Author Claire Dwyer joined me on The Catholic Mama recently to talk about the Catholic saints, our brothers and sisters in faith who each uniquely lived out God’s love in their own lives.

The saints offer such rich and varied examples and inspiration about how we can exemplify the call to holiness in our own lives because no matter how many years ago a saint may have lived, God is timeless and the saints He gave to us are equally so. If you’re interested in learning more about the Catholic saints, why we should create devotions to them, and which saints are particularly great for moms and families, this episode is not to be missed!

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Be sure and connect with Claire on her website EvenTheSparrow.com, as well as on SpiritualDirection.com. Also! Claire has a wonderful book on St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. You can purchase This Present Paradise, her book, directly through Sophia Institute Press or on Amazon.

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