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Well, hi there! I’m glad you made it here!

But where is “here” exactly? Why, The Catholic Mama, of course! A blog devoted to helping moms become the servants and shepherds of their Catholic households, to do so with God’s great design, Jesus’s perfect example, and the fire of the Holy Spirit guiding us as we go.

I wasn’t always Catholic (you can read more about my conversion story HERE). I was baptized on Easter Vigil 2018 and confirmed at Pentecost 2019.

Since then, I, like a transplant who’s just moved to a new city, am voraciously exploring this new terrain – God’s goodness, His Word, and how I can transform myself and my family with God.

I invite you to scroll down the page to listen to the most recent podcast episodes and read my latest blog posts. 

And then feel free to take a look around The Catholic Mama, and you’ll find ways to…

I’m excited you’re here and I hope that in being here, I can support your own faith journey.

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**Note: As of November 2022, New content will be published directly to my substack: https://thecatholicmama.substack.com/. Please go there for updates!

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